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Robinson David

Greetings to everyone visiting our web site! PYC, located in Falmouth, Maine, is the third oldest continuously operating yacht club in the United States. We are proud of our history, energy, and our continuing renewal.

 This site contains great information on the activities, the fun, and the education associated with this active boating organization.  We do our best to keep it up to date, but don’t hesitate to let us know about anything that needs correction.

 As a proud member of this community I welcome your visit to our web site. There is a lot to discover. Enjoy!


 David Robinson, Commodore




Launch hours.

Sunday, July 5, First Annual Blessing of the Fleet photos

Saturday, July 4, Schnooner Trophy Race photos

Friday night, June 27, Commodore's Cocktail Party photos

Saturday, June 20, Pilot Race photos

Tuesday, June 9, Etchells Tuesday Night Race photosS


Thursday Night Races start on May 21.  

      • Registration for races is now open.  Go to the Thursday Night Race page to register on-line.  (The same form also allows registration for the Schooner Trophy Race [July 4] and the Maine State Laser Championship [June 13].)

      • As always, we need members to step up to serve as Race Officer for each race.  Training and staff assistance on the boat will be available.  Go to the Thursday Night Race page to see which dates are still available and to sign up on-line.


Registration for our ADULT SAILING PROGRAM is now open.  For 2015 we will be offering instruction for both women and men.  For more information and sign-up, click here.




PYC is a welcoming community where members enjoy a variety of boating activities, learn from one another, and cultivate a rich and proud legacy of yachting tradition.



PYC promotes member enjoyment by providing easy access to the water for a variety of boating interests, including racing, cruising and day trips on large and small yachts.

PYC fosters a strong, friendly, internal community where members at every stage of life can socialize, partake in formal and informal educational opportunities, build skills and make friends who also love the water.

PYC safeguards the rich and proud legacy of yachting traditions through stewardship, preservation of Club history, and education of youth and adults. 



 What's On This Site

Perhaps the most-used item on this site is the Dock Cam!  Click the "thumbnail" photo in the left column to see what PYC and the waterfront look like from minute to minute.

The left column lists the topics covered on separate pages.  Click on any one of them and you will go to the relevant page.  Many of these items also have sub-menus that lead to a more specific page:  click on the main item and the sub-menu(s) will appear.  Just move your cursor over the sub-menu and click.  For example, if you click on "About Us and Our Heritage," the first page offers lots of information about the Club. The "Our Heritage" sub-menu leads you a variety of resources, including detailed histories of the Club and copies of several historic documents about the founding and growth of the Club.

Some pages have links to photos, documents, etc., that you can download.  Just click on the link to bring up the item.  (The process for downloading varies from one kind of browser to another.)

Below the list is the MEMBER LOGIN section.  You need to log in ONLY to access the MEMBERS ONLY segment of the web site. This section includes the Club Event Calendar, the Club Roster, Club By-Laws and Rules, the Vessel List, and information about renting the Club for your event.

Registration is required the first time you want to log in.  Just click the "Register" link below the "Login" button.  When you register, you will provide a user name and password.  (Keep track of both, because we do not have access to your password.)  After you register, you won't have immediate access.  The site administrator has to grant approval -- this is a means to keep spammers from gaining access.  You will receive an e-mail letting you know you have been approved.



From the Manager's Desk

Our web site aims to provide members and visitors with information about the Club and its activities.  We hope this information will help members enhance their enjoyment of boating, dining, educational, and social opportunities here on the shores of Casco Bay.  We also hope visitors will learn about PYC and consider becoming a member!  

It's not a fancy site, with lots of ruffles and flourishes.  We aren't selling products or services.  We just want to be the "go-to" site for information about the Club.

We try to keep the content up to date, but if you see something that is past its "read-by" date, please let us know.  Ditto for content you would like to see on the site.  We are always interested in finding new ways to meet member needs, so now is always the right time.   E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Special thanks go to Ann Blanchard, who manages our photo sections and provides technical support, to Hall Web Services staff, and to all the members who send us photos and information tidbits to enhance our site.


John Redmond