Rules & Information

It’s always good to know the rules and have a copy nearby when racing. However, if you need to check the rules when your printed copy is not nearby, click RACING RULES OF SAILING

Other Racers

Etchells Fleet 27 and J/24 Fleet 43 call PYC home.  Etchells race Tuesday evenings, while J/24s race Wednesday evenings throughout the summer.  Each Fleet also co-hosts with PYC regional events for their respective classes.  Please visit each Fleet’s web site or Facebook page for details.
Etchells Fleet 27 Web Page
Etchells Fleet 27 Facebook page
J/24 Fleet 43 website
J/24 Fleet Facebook page


PYC is proud to be a member of the Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association. GMORA helps coordinate the racing schedules of various Clubs to give racers the maximum number of racing opportunities.
Visit GMORA Facebook page


US Sailing is the national governing body for sailboat racing in the United States. In that capacity US Sailing publishes the Racing Rules of Sailing, provides materials, guides, and workshops for effectively running races, helps organize and support one-design racing classes, conducts or supports local, regional, national and world championships in various classes and groups, is a source for judges required for major races, and supports American Olympic sailing hopefuls. (And that’s just the start!) PYC is a member of US Sailing and benefits from its services. We suggest that all PYC sailors consider being a member of the organization that promotes their sport at all levels. PYC Members receive $10 off adult USSA memberships and $30 US Sailing family memberships. Here is the link for PYC members to access discounted USSA memberships. Visit the US Sailing Web Site here: