Casco Bay Fiasco

The Casco Bay Fiasco is going to be the event everyone is talking about. We think it will be because it will be fun, challenging, crazy, or it could just be a disaster!


A couple of sailors (who shall remain nameless) were sitting at the PYC bar talking about how to spice up the races that we run. One mentioned the San Fran shorthanded sailing groups Three Bridge Fiasco race, another chimed in about a race in RI that had multiple starting lines, and from there the Casco Bay Fiasco was born.


One course, 4 marks. Boats may start at any mark, then they round the other three marks and finish where they started. Seems pretty simple, we think…

We decided to put this race in the slot of the Interclubs which had a team competition element. Boats may develop a team of three entrants, entrants must come from different sailing groups (clubs, marinas, etc), during the race teams are encouraged to communicate Course options are listed here.

7/16/22 – 1000 Some sort of skippers meeting
7/16/22 – 1200-1215 Starting Window
7/16/22 – post race gather at a local watering hole for beverages and food.