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The Junior program fosters a life-long love of the sport of sailing in a safe, educational, and fun environment.

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Adult programs include women and co-ed and intermediate co-ed classes. Both classes include basic sailing skills, boat terms, rigging, tacking, gybing, and points of sail plus fine-tuning sail trim, reading tell-tales, and boat handling skills.

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2023 Programs

The Junior Program registration opens to members on January 1 and to non-members on February 1.

The Adult Program dates are TBD.

If you are a member looking for cruise details, please go to the PYC private Facebook page or visit the member's area by logging in to the dashboard.

Island Etiquette

Island Etiquette (when visiting private or public island reserves)

  • Please observe the rules of any island you set foot on including island capacity. This is first and foremost.

    The MITA (Maine Island Trails) guidebook and Maine Coast Cruising Guide are helpful. Most public accessible islands have a sign, rules or a guestbook. When in doubt contact the organization managing the island.
  • Please try to keep larger group human traffic to below the high tide line, whenever possible. If you must go into the wooded portion of the islands, please stay on established trails, rock, grass or sand. Try not to walk on bare dirt unless it’s an established trail. Please stay off eelgrass, beach grass and dune grass.
  • If other groups are camping or visiting the island, please give them space and privacy.
  • No dogs please. Many of our coastal islands do not allow dogs particularly as they have nesting seabirds.
  • No fires without a permit. Most fires, even with a permit, are required to be well below the high tide line. Check with the organization that manages the island.
  • Please do not construct fire rings, cut firewood or use dead trees for firewood. Portable gas grills are a much safer choice on our coastal islands.
  • All Maine islands are 100% carry in, carry out. Any island a PYC group visits shall be left cleaner than we found it. In the interest of island stewardship, PYC expects members are requested to leave with more trash than we showed up with. Please do your part & pick up any trash you see that is not native to the island even if it is not yours.
  • In the event that an island gathering is “mixed group” eg: with other yacht Clubs on non-PYC guests, PYC members or the appointed point person/s will assume the responsibility of good island stewardship. PYC shall not rely on guests or other yacht clubs to assume the role of good island stewardship.
  • At any large gathering island event a PYC member will always be last to leave to ensure we’ve done our job of leaving the island in better shape than we found it.
  • If you need to use a rest room, while on an island, please do so back on your vessel or ask for a dinghy ride to a vessel. Human waste is also carry in-carry out.
  • If cooking foods such as lobster, please cook it de-banded so as to not risk leaving rubber bands behind.
  • Lobster, steamer or other shells must not be left on an island.
  • No food waste of any kind, including corn husks etc., shall be left behind.

*Thank you for your cooperation. This document applies to all PYC members whether in large groups or small.