Parking Policy

PYC has parking for 110 to 120 vehicles, depending on use of spaces that are available but not marked. With 300 Full members, some limits must be placed on use of the parking lot when member demand for parking is high.

NOTE that parking is at the owner’s risk. PYC assumes no liability for damage to vehicles while parked on Club property.

The Goal of our policy is to maximize the availability of parking for all members. We begin by making a distinction between parking during peak hours and off-peak hours:

Old Powerhouse Road is just a bit wider than a one-lane road. We have developed a protocol (about as complicated as the nautical Rules of the Road) for what to do when two cars meet.

The road has three parts: (1) ‘The Level’ that begins from Foreside Road, (2) ‘The Hill,’ (3) ‘The Entrance’ to and exit from the parking lot.


When two cars meet on The Level: The car going out (Car O) has right of way over the car coming in (Car I), because there is more turn-out space for (Car I).


When (Car I) comes over the crest of The Hill while (Car O) is still near the parking lot entrance: (Car I) has right of way.


When (Car O) is part-way up The Hill at the same time (Car I) reaches the crest of the hill: (Car O) has right of way.


Speed limit is 15 mph or less for safety.