Commodore - Bill Newberry
Bill Newberry : Commodore

Vice Commodore - Richard (Skip) Yale
Richard (Skip) Yale : Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore - Tony Jessen
Tony Jessen : Rear Commodore

Secretary - Chuck Graham
Chuck Graham : Secretary

Treasurer - Peter Ventre
Peter Ventre : Treasurer

Cruise Officer - Rodd Collins
Rodd Collins : Cruise Officer

Entertainment Officer - Michele Smith
Michele Smith : Entertainment Officer

Food and Beverage Officer - Lisa LaLumiere
Lisa LaLumiere : Food and Beverage Officer

House and Grounds Officer - Peter Bingham
Peter Bingham :  House and Grounds Officer

Junior Sailing Program Officer - Sarah Young
Sarah Young : Junior Sailing Program Officer

Membership Officer - Dean Marvin
Dean Marvin : Membership Officer

Race Officer - Ralph Carpenter
Ralph Carpenter : Race Officer

Waterfront Officer - Ed Berry
Ed Berry : Waterfront Officer