Waterfront Policies

This is a summary only.  The Club Rules contain detailed statements.

  • Waterfront facilites are for use of Full and Intermediate members of PYC and visiting yachts.  (Other categories of members may use the waterfront facilities as visiting yachts.)
  • Children 12 and under must be wearing a life vest at all times while on the pier, floats, and launches.
  • The Waterfront Manager or, in his absence, the senior Launch Operator on duty may limit tie-up at the float to 30 minutes when demand for tie-up is heavy.  They may also required boats to leave the floats during heavy weather, to avoid damage both the boats and to the floats.
  • When demand for float space is heavy, boats may not be left unattended at the floats for an extended period unless permission is granted by the Waterfront Manager or senior Launch Operator.  Permission will not be granted if there is an expectation of heavy demand for use of the floats.
  • Tie-up at the dinghy float is for the convenience of members and guests who occasionally need to access their boats at times when launch service is not available. Please notify the Waterfront Manager or the launch operator if your dinghy will be left for more than one night. Five consecutive nights is the maximum time allowed.
  • All vessels must comply with Federal, State, and local laws regarding overboard discharges.  Violation of these laws may be punishable by the appropriate authorities.