Learning: Part of the Fun

In any activity, part of the fun is to learn to do it better.  This is particularly true in boating, where the activity is a blend of science and art.  Whether it is learning to trim a sail, read a chart, or fix a fuel problem, learning makes boating more fun.

PYC recognizes the boater’s need to learn in many different fields.  We are committed to creating educational activities both before and during the boating season that will make members better and safer on the water.

In past years, the Club has offered or sponsored workshops and seminars on topics such as safe disposal of flares, the rules of sailboat racing, docking a boat, maintaining an outboard motor, how to use a fire extinguisher correctly, and how to get the most from a VHF radio.

In general, registration takes place by phone or e-mail to the Club for any education event.  Detailed information about upcoming programs will be sent to members as each program gets developed.