Casco Bay Club Challenge


The Purpose

The Casco Bay Club Challenge is a new club series initiated in 2021 jointly by the Race Officers of the Centerboard, Portland and Harraseeket Yacht Clubs.  The purpose of the challenge is to increase participation at club events as well as generate a little friendly competition!

What is the Casco Bay Club Challenge?

The Casco Bay Club Challenge shall be comprised of one regatta from each of the three clubs: The Centerboard Regatta, The Pilot Regatta and the Harraseeket Regatta.  The winner must be a member of one of the sponsor yacht clubs at the time of the race and will be awarded to the boat with the combined highest CHIP score for all three events.  Although participation in all three events is not required to win, the deck is stacked in favor of those who do!  The winner can come from either a racing or cruising class and by entering any of the events you are automatically put into the scoring for the Casco Bay Club Challenge!

What is at stake; not just bragging rights!

The winner of the Casco Bay Club Challenge will be awarded 

2021 CBCC Skipper Award

FREE entry into each of these races the following season (entry fee only)!  And if that were not enough, the winner will also be awarded a highly desirable gift to be added to the skipper’s trophy wing at home.



And believe it or not, there’s more!  The winning yacht will also receive the opportunity to audaciously display a perpetual trophy in the clubhouse for which they sail until the trophy is awarded the following year!  The Casco Bay Club Challenge winner will be recognized at the awards ceremony after the Harraseeket Race, and if possible, the prior year winner shall be asked to present the perpetual trophy to the current year’s recipient!

How it is scored?

The races are scored using the GMORA Chips 3 system. Points are given to each boat based on the place they finished and the number of boats they competed against. So a first place in a five boat fleet is worth less then a 2nd in a 15 boat fleet. For more details check out the GMORA yearbook.

Congratulations Tamarack!

The battle for the cup was extremely close and a mere 7.83 points separated 1st and 2nd place, however the top spot was won by the mighty Tamarack (PYC) accumulating 288.3 points over all 3 races!  In second place was Houndog (CYC) with 281 points followed by Go Dog Go (PYC) skippered by Dave Ruff and Jane Wellehan with 223.6 points.  Tamarack not only took home a terrific rigging knife but will be awarded FREE entry into all 3 races next year, and thanks to their efforts, the tide clock trophy with a map of Casco Bay depicting all 3 clubs will reside at the Portland Yacht Club until next year!

Here are the results: