Notice of Special Meeting of Portland Yacht Club

Date of Special Meeting: May 3, 2021
Time: 17:30
Format: Zoom Meeting
Item of business: Election of 4 trustees to the new Board of Directors.

The Bylaws of the Portland Yacht Club [IV. A. 2. a.] permit Special Meetings which are limited to the item(s) of business in the notice [IV A. 5. c.].

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting, the membership approved a change in governance creating a new Board [V. A. 2.] which included 4 trustees. The new governance structure was to be implemented by Commissioning Day in May. The new governance requires the election by the membership of 4 Trustees, one trustee for a one-year term, one trustee for a two-year term and 2 trustees for a 3-year term. The initial terms are to permit a staggered rotation in future years and will apply only to this initial election cycle.

PYC has traditionally elected its flags and officers at the Annual General Meeting. However, the transition from the old governance to the new governance requires an initial, mid-year election of the Trustees. Future trustees will be elected at the annual general meeting.
Nominating Committee Report
Trustee Description

The election protocol will follow the well-established methodology [VI. E.] by the PYC for elected officers. With the 30-day notice of the meeting, the Nominating Committee, after due diligence, has prepared nominations for the trustees and their respective terms.

If any member wishes to submit their own name in nomination, there are protocols [VI E. 2. & 3.] described in the bylaws.

To access the new bylaws adopted at the 2020 Annual Meeting and Zoom meeting ID & passcode go to club email sent on April 1 at 12:40pm