Youth Regatta Calendar

Racing in Green Fleet

Green Fleet regattas are designed to introduce racing in a welcoming, fun environment.  The Maine Interclub Racing Circuit (MIRC) hosts a Green Fleet regatta each Wednesday at a different club in Southern Maine.  MIRCs are wonderful opportunities for junior sailors to test the waters at a new venue.  Other larger regattas often include a separate Green Fleet starting line.

Racing in Championship Fleet

After participating in Green Fleet regattas for a season or two, you are no longer considered “novice” and are invited to move up to the Championship Fleet. The different age classes are indicated by different colors: skippers who are 10 or under sail in the White Fleet; skippers who are 11 and 12 sail in the Blue Fleet; and skippers who are 13, 14, or 15 sail in the Red Fleet.  The determining date is the skipper’s age on the first day of the regatta.  PYC RWB (Red-White-Blue) sailors travel throughout the Northeast for Championship regattas.

Regatta Registration

MIRC regattas are free to attend, and the host club provides the boats.  At  Championship regattas, teams are required to bring their own boats and coach boats.   Online registration forms are posted on  Regatta registration fees range from $50-$100 dollars/ regatta — and they are separate from the PYC Jr. Sailing Program fee.