Monthly Minimums

Members with a last name beginning with A-L have through the 15th of each month (June, July, August, September) to spend $100.  Members a last name beginning with M-Z will have until the last day of each month to spend $100.   Please remember that only food gets charged toward the minimum.  Tax and gratuity do not.

We offer a Seasonal Minimum Plan to accommodate members who cruise or are otherwise away for extended periods. The cost for the Seasonal Minimum Plan is $500 and must be reserved before the Dining Room opens for the season and paid by the start of the season. The Seasonal Minimum dining charges are not regulated by the monthly schedule.

Minimums do not apply when:

  • Events are held before the Dining Room opens for the season
  • Regatta food  served when the Dining Room is open
  • Private functions

Questions regarding Dining Room minimums may be directed to Kelley Rich, Club Manager, 207-781-9820 ext. 10

Comments and suggestions regarding PYC Food & Beverage can be directed to Michele Smith, PYC F&B Officer: