Alcohol Service

The Portland Yacht Club is a “Bottle Club” under the laws of Maine.  The Club does not sell alcohol at any time.  Members bring their own beer, wine, and spirits;  The Club will provide set-ups, glassware, etc.

The Bar operates within the laws and regulations established by the State of Maine.  Copies of the laws and regulations are available.

The Bar is closed until further notice.  For questions, call the reservation line at 899-2863.

During these periods, all service must be provided by a staff bartender.  At the end of the service period, the bar is closed.

The soda/mixer “gun” is available only when the Bar is open.  For the convenience and enjoyment of members during times when the bar is not open, mixers will be provided on the bar two hours prior to the opening of evening bar service.

Sodas and mixers obtained from the bar and taken into the Dining Room will be charged as if they had been ordered at the dining table.

Bar staff may provide sodas to children and adolescents under 18 only when the children are accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult member.

Soft Drinks

The bar provides Coke products, plus ginger ale, cranberry juice, and of course water.

Comments and suggestions regarding PYC Food & Beverage can be directed to Officer Michele Smith: