COVID-19 Updates

Dear Members,
Our Governor issued an executive order requiring businesses in several counties, including Cumberland County, to strengthen the enforcement of wearing face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The order mandates businesses to require face coverings at all times while inside (unless seated at your table), and outside when social distancing of at least 6 feet is not possible. This mandate is consistent with PYC’s current protocols.
We understand that this is inconvenient and that there are opposing views within our PYC community. We wish, as much as all of you, that our reality could be different right now. But, that isn’t possible. There is a lot of emotion surrounding many things that are happening in our country and we are doing our best to serve our members through all of the ambiguity and conflicting opinions. Our top priority is keeping our members and staff safe, and of course, remaining open so we can all enjoy beautiful Casco Bay and beyond.
The new order includes an online reporting form for violations and “…may be enforced by any governmental department or official that regulates licenses, permits or otherwise authorizes the operation or occupancy of eating establishments, bars or tasting rooms, lodging operations and accommodations, businesses, buildings, parks and campgrounds. A violation may be construed to be a violation of any such license, permit and other authorization to which pertinent penalties, such as a revocation of said licenses or permits, may be assessed.”
We need your help and cooperation. Putting aside whether any of us agree with the COVID-19 guidelines, PYC had to agree to them in order to open, and we have to continue to follow them in order to remain open. We do not want to be found in violation of the guidelines and be forced to close. We hope you understand that if you violate the order while on PYC grounds/property, you are putting your club at risk of losing licenses and permits, and even worse, shutting down for the year. We are all in this together and would be devastated if that became our new reality. Please don’t let that happen.
We are having an incredible season so far, despite all of the obstacles we have been faced with. We have an amazing staff team and dedicated board working hard to ensure everyone at PYC is safe, healthy, and gets to enjoy our small slice of heaven all season long. We are counting on all of you to support PYC and help us continue to meet that goal.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Department Dates
Outside Dining Protocols 06-05-2020
Waterfront/Grounds Protocol 06-05-2020
Junior Program Protocols 06-01-2020
Minimums 05-30-2020