General Information About Membership

The Portland Yacht Club is a boating club. We aim to attract individuals and families who:
–Enjoy “messing around in boats,” as an old saying puts it. Sail or power, whatever gets you on the water.
–Want to be part of a boating community, not just a slip or mooring # in a marina.
–Are willing and able to contribute time and skills to that community. We have many opportunities for participation, ranging from two hours as a bartender at a Club event, to participating in a clean-up day, to serving on a committee, up to serving on the Board of Directors.

If you fit that description, we welcome your application at any time. There are two categories of membership.  Below are details and click here to view dues, initiation, and other fees.  Details and requirements are set forth in the Club By-Laws.

Boating:  For  individuals or joint members.  Includes use of all Club house facilities, waterfront, launch privileges and must be at least 21 years of age. Eligible to serve on the Board and allowed one vote at meetings. Joint membership includes married and couples in a long-term relationship (see application for further details)

Intermediate:  For individual applicant 21 to 29 years old on the first day of January of any membership year in which he/she applies. Includes use of all Club facilities and waterfront. In the first membership year the Intermediate member is at least 30 years of age they automatically become a Boating member.

As of February 2021, the number of applicants on the waiting list indicates that new applicants will not likely be admitted for three or even four years (except for applicants who qualify for preference under our membership policies). You are still free to apply, but we want you to know the waiting period. We will update you periodically about your waiting time.

Below is a summary of what you need to do to apply:
–An application must be completed before any action can be taken
–Two sponsor forms completed by current Club members in good standing or a Flag Officer from another yacht club of which the applicant has been Member within the last two years
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure sponsors have completed and submitted sponsor forms. Applications without completed sponsor forms and application fee will not be processed.
–A non-refundable $100.00 application fee
Click here to find the application and sponsorship forms

Once an application is complete, the Membership Committee reviews the information.  At its option, the Committee may conduct a criminal background check and/or a credit check.

If the Committee approves, the next step is to share the name(s) to the membership for comment.  Comments are evaluated, then approval is either confirmed or withdrawn.

The Committee then makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors.  Following the Board’s decision, the Committee notifies the applicant about acceptance.

Acceptance is not the same as admission.  Boating membership is limited to 300 and applicants are admitted only when openings occur.  (There is no limit on Intermediate members, however, the Board may set a limit at any time.) Accepted applications are added to a waitlist. The time spent on the waitlist is at least 3 to 4 years, depending on current Boating Member changes/transitions. Once offered admission, an applicant has 15 days to accept, decline, or defer.  If the applicant accepts, he/she will be billed for annual dues, initiation fee, and any assessment previously billed to members and payable in whole or in part during the current year.  50% of the total is due within 30 days or February 1, whichever is later, the balance is due by April 1 or 90 days after notification of admission, whichever is later.  All payments are non-refundable.

An applicant who has been offered admission may defer admission for one year.  The next year, the deferred applicant is among the first to be offered membership. Deferral is not permitted a second time.  If a deferred applicant does not join the next year, he/she loses approval.  If he/she wishes later to join, he/she must re-apply and pay the application fee.

The Membership Committee reserves the right to recommend to the Board exceptions to the admissions policy that it feels are in the best interest of the Club and its membership.

Click here to find the application and sponsorship forms.